Todd Ferguson

Todd Ferguson is an Oliver Wight Americas principal and Demand Management expert. As a consultant and educator, he assists companies with overcoming Supply Chain challenges and implementing solutions, with a concentration in the disciplines of Demand Management and Integrated Business Planning. His subject knowledge spans a range of industries, including food manufacturing, medical devices, and oil and gas. He has worked with a broad and diverse group of clients including GE, Cargill, and Tiffany.

Solutions & Services

Demand Management Best Practices

Education and Execution


Creating and maintaining a state of the art Demand Management Process is essential to growing your business , increasing profit, and gaining market share.


This Executive Overview covers Demand Management Best Practices including:


  • Role of Statistical Forecasting
  • Measuring Demand Plan Accuracy and Bias
  • How to Engage with Sales
  • The Role of Strategy in Demand Management
  • Integrating New Products into the Demand Plan
  • Improving Communication and Eliminating
    “Fighting Fires”
  • Creating simple Key Performance Indicators that
    Drive Business Performance


You will gain insight into the tools to execute best practices within your business.