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Not too long ago, our data was measured in MB, then GB and today it’s TB. Big Data might be a new buzzword, but we have been living with the exponential growth of data for years. The critical question is how to leverage it efficiently and economically to determine actionable steps that can make our business better. In a word, BusinessObjects.


BusinessObjects is a powerful set of tools that enable you to classify and visualize key performance metrics across the enterprise.   Whether with drill down reports for the most analytical managers to powerful dashboards for time restrained executives who want the big picture, in the office or on the road, with minimal response time.


Beacon Systems works with IT departments and end-users to help define KPI’s and build a strong SAP Datawarehouse or BusinessObjects Universe to organize information required to deliver those answers.


We have entire project teams that can deliver turn-key solutions or individual contributors to fill a skills gap on your team. SAP BW and BusinessObjects has been our corporate sweet spot for years.