Consulting & Careers

The work is challenging; the results are rewarding.


Beacon consultants work with clients to improve business effectiveness. They develop and implement software solutions in support of strategic business opportunities and in response of business or technical challenges. Our value lies within our experienced staff, our solid methodology and processes, and our relentless commitment to customer satisfaction.


The successful Beacon Consultant possesses a very unique profile that takes several years of very specific experience to attain.   It’s what we commit to our clients, and what our clients expect from us.


Are you ready to join the best of the best?

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As a highly respected consultant, you have your choice who to work with on consulting engagements. First, what we are not: Beacon Systems is not a faceless, emotionless conduit to your next project where you have no support and have to deal with erratic compensation practices.


Beacon Systems is an organization dedicated to:

  • Establishing and developing long-term relationships with the best of the best in the SAP Community
  • Treating our valued consultants with the quality, fairness, integrity and professionalism you have earned
  • Compensating you on-time completely for your services and expenses via ACH direct deposit
  • Meeting you at the client site several times a year
  • On-Going support throughout and after the consulting engagement. We are your advocates, dedicated to your success on our projects in service to our clients.
  • Pairing you with other consultants at the client site for on-going administrative, technical and organizational support.
  • Compensating you for client and consultant referrals.
  • Providing performance bonuses based on unsolicited client testimonials.